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About Web & Media Law

Chetty Law currently offers the following services to South African Web and magazine publishers pertaining to legal aspects of online publishing:

Advising on E-Commerce Legal Implications (B2B and B2C)|Website Legal Notices|Website Privacy Policies| Promotion of Access to Information (PAIA) Manuals| Website Design and Development Agreements| Protection and Defence of Intellectual Property | Information Security| Data Privacy| Liability for Third Party Content| Digital Content Licensing|  Legal issues surrounding Online Advertising and Keyword Buying| User Profiling| Legal Aspects of Content Distribution|Internet Contracts| Choice of Law and Jurisdiction|

Chetty Law offers customisable:

Legal Audits on Intellectual Property Practices| Legal Audits on Compliance with Online Publishing Law| Legal Audit s on Electronic Marketing Practices | Training and Awareness Programmes|

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