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Data Protection
The Protection of Personal Information Bill, 9 of 2009 - Giving Effect to the Right to Privacy in South Africa
Published: 14 January 2011

South African organisations have for some time inhabited a data protection law haven. Whilst the right to privacy is enshrined in the Constitution of South Africa, legislation that gives practical credence to such right and a Regulator to govern and administer corresponding data protection and privacy practices has been absent. That’s about to [...]

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Presentation “Approaches to Data Protection/Privacy Compliance”
Category: Downloads
Published: 2 May 2009

This presentation contains a chceklist of data protection/privacy legislation in SA (as relevant to Chetty Law) and provides a high level introduction to our methodology for dealing with compliance with the Protection of Personal Information Bill.
Download the presentation by clicking on the link below.
You can email for more information about the presentation or data [...]

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