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Web & Media Law Articles
Top 5 Intellectual Property Risks on Social Media
Published: 14 January 2011

Heard of Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn or Flickr? Collectively, these refer to (primarily) internet and mobile based publishing technologies that allow You, Me, our Friends and anyone else really, to share information in various forms with each other and the general public.  Traditionally most social media tools were a means of personal social interaction. [...]

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Digital Economy Bill: A Quick Guide
Published: 9 April 2010

An insightful guide to the Digital Economy Bill passed by the Commons(Britain).
Click here to read the full article by the Guardian (UK).

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Risk Management & Compliance for Online Publishers
Published: 2 May 2009

Legal Risks attached to Online Publishing

The rapidly increasing use of the Internet by information professionals as a standard tool for disseminating access to materials and information means that they need to be aware of the risks associated with online publishing, the way the law is moving to address those risks, and what steps can [...]

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