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About Intellectual Property Law

What is Intellectual Property Law?


Intellectual property laws give creators exclusive rights to their creations. The exclusive rights both offer incentives for the efforts of creators and contribute significantly to the innovation activity of a region. Knowledge and application of intellectual property law is important for all organisations. First steps to protection of intellectual property include entering into a Non Disclosure Agreement with parties to whom you disclose proprietary information and ensuring a Restraint of Trade is entered into with employees.

Chetty Law currently offers services surrounding copyright, trademarks and domain names. Chetty Law also assists organisations govern their intellectual property as applied in a digital medium and implement creative and open approaches to intellectual property.

Chetty Law Services include:


Copyright Services

Licences|  Assignment of Copyright|  Open Licensing|  Creative Commons Licences|  Drafting of Organisation Policies such as Intellectual Property Policies

Domain Name Services

Domain Name Protection|  Domain Dispute Resolution


Clearance Searches|  Registration of Trademarks| Drafting of Intellectual Property Policies

General Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Services

Non Disclosure Agreement|  Non Solicitation Agreement|  Restraint of Trade|  Employment Agreements|  Independent Contractor Agreements

Important Intellectual Property Legislation include:


The Copyright Act| The Trademarks Act| The Patents Act| The Designs Act|

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