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What is ICT Law?


ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Law is the primary practice area of Chetty Law.

Chetty Law which assists organisations deal with the legal implications and manage the legal challenges attached to the use of such ICT tools in business functions and processes. Our ICT Law Clients include listed companies (local and international) government departments, development organisations, and innovative entrepreneurs.

ICT Law Services


Chetty Law has assisted Clients with the following:

Software Licence Agreements| Software Development Agreements| Service Level Agreements| Software Asset Management| Reseller and Distribution Agreements| Maintenance and Support Agreements| Outsourcing Agreements| Escrow Agreements| Warranties| Open Source Licence Agreements|

Purchase and Sale Agreements| Rental Agreements| Lease Agreements| Auction and Tender Specifications| Email and Internet Usage Policies| Invoice Terms and Conditions| Lan Connect Agreements|

Chetty Law also assists organisations with critical compliance with the legislation by conducting training and awareness programmes, legal audits, and internal compliance worksheets (checklists).


In addition we support organisations with the mapping of compliance obligations to appropriate internal policies and procedures such as:

Electronic Communications Policy| Electronic Evidence Policy| Data Protection and Privacy Policy|Interception Policy| Instant Messaging Policy|


Important ICT legislation include:


Electronic Communications and Transactions Act| Electronic Communications Act| The Promotion of Access to Information Act| The Regulation of Interception of Communications Act| Protection of Personal Information Bill


Email for more information on ICT Law services.

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