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Chetty Law is the response to the call for specialist and dedicated technology law services  in South Africa. The firm ’s areas of specialisation address prudent technology governance, compliance and risk management. The firm’s mission is to promote the technology and innovation activities and culture in the country and continent and assist in the delivery of technology  supported development. In addition the firm pioneers innovation law services assisting clients with  intellectual property management  and strategic innovation - commercialisation  models that speak to international best practice.

The firm’s clients include South Africa’s largest corporations and most innovative entrepreneurs. The firm is supportive of ICT for Development enterprises and as such is thrilled to count social entrepreneurs and  non government organisations amongst its clients.

Chetty Law works tirelessly to ensure that all services and work output is in accordance with international technology law standards and raises the bar of technology law practice in South Africa.

To this end and in addition to our standard service offering, Chetty Law has:

- contributed to global privacy standards setting,
- represented South Africa on global forums for law reform,
- delivered a statement to the World Intellectual Property Organisation,

- participated in an international access to knowledge project,
- created blogs, worked on a wiki,
- dealt with questions of the appropriate legal vehicles for social entrepreneurs, and
- defined online publishing law in South Africa.


As a team, we strive to be legally relevant yet considerably innovative.

Chetty Law Professional Crew

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