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Why Register Your Trademark?
Published: 2 May 2009

Why Register Your Trademark?

Trademarks distinguish your goods and services from the same kind of goods and services supplied by others.

If your organisation has invested in the brand, identity, goodwill or reputation of your trademark (name, logo or slogan) you should consider registration of your trademark as a means to best protect and benefit from such investments.

The benefits of registration of your trademark include:

- the right to prevent the unauthorised use by another party of an identical or confusingly similar trademark in relation to goods or services that are covered by the registration and also similar goods and services;
- the deterring  of infringers from use of the trademark and unduly benefiting from the goodwill enjoyed by your organisation in the market; and
- registration enables specific protection and recourse as outlined in the Trademarks Act 194 of 1993.

    Trademark Services Offered by Chetty Law

    Chetty Law offers professional legal services in the form of:

    Conducting Trademark Searches at CIPRO in the relevant classes according to the type of goods or services offered by your organisation.

    Registration of the aforementioned trade mark/s: subject to the registrar of trademarks deeming the marks to be capable of registration and accepts same.

    Advertisement of accepted application: upon acceptance by the registrar in writing, advertisement of the acceptance in the trademark and patent journal as prescribed.

    Notification of opposition: upon advertisement of the acceptance of the marks any interested person may in terms of the Trademarks Act s17 oppose the application in the manner prescribed. Chetty Law shall notify the applicant immediately or soon thereafter of such opposition.

    Contact us at for more information on trademarks.

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